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Special Needs Education

Education and Study

All handicapped children require a hospitable education. Our students study the basic problems in educating handicapped children, how to understand their needs, how to instruct them and so on. In the Study of Education of Handicapped Children division, the basic problems, educational system and the curriculum are studied. In the Pathology of Handicapped Children division, the classification and analysis of handicaps and health problems are studied. In the Psychology of Handicapped Children division, the understanding of development and approaching methods etc. are studied. All of the aforementioned place emphasis on practical studies.

Academic Staff

LIM Yongjae
Education for Children with Physical Disabilities
Education for Children with Severe and Multiple Disabilities
Curriculum in Special School
Teaching methods in special school
System of Special Education
Education for Individuals with Hearing Disabilities
YOSHINO Hiroyuki
Medical science for Handicapped
Home care medicine for Pediatric patients
SHIMODA Hironobu
Applied Behavior Analysis
Educational approach for the Children with Developmental Disabilities
Education for the Multiply Handicapped
Education for Children with Deafblindness and Severe Disabilities

Master's Theses

  • Clinical Educational Support on Social Development for a Child with Learning Disabilities
  • A Study of Families with Epileptic Patients-Using Health Questionnaire of THI (The Todai Health Index).
  • Educational Action Research on Three Cases of Rett Syndrome.
  • Individual Educational Needs and Their Support Systems in a Special School for the Mentally Handicapped.
  • Case studies of Dohsa: a Psychological Rehabilitation method for Individuals with Special Needs. (in English)