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Mathematics Education

Education and Study

Our goal is to bring up teachers to have sufficient expertise in learning and teaching Mathematics. We offer several levels of classes for Algebra, Geometry, Analysis, Applied Mathematics, and Mathematics Education. From the second semester of the junior year, students start to study a specific field of Mathematics and Mathematics Education in order to write graduation theses. Students prepare to write their graduation theses for more than one year under the guidance of their supervisors, increasing their advanced knowledge.

Academic Staff

Group Theory
Linear Algebra
OHTAKE Koichiro
Field Theory
Modern Algebra
Mathematics Education
ITOH Takashi
Functional Analysis
EMORI Hideyo
Mathematics Education
TERUYA Tamotsu
Functional Analysis
Operator Algebra
Low-Dimensional Topology

Master's Theses

  • The Cognitive Development of the Notion of Proportion
  • The Cognitive Process of Communication in Learning Mathematics
  • The Construction of Network
  • The Area and the Volume - From the View Points of Dehn and Banach-Tarski