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Center for Cooperative Research and Development in School Education

Education and Study

We were re-organized in 2001 in response to changes in modern society, such as the clinical attempt toward the various problems in schools, the development of ideas for improvement of teachers' training methods and the quality of teachers in service. The center is expected to play the role of a pipe connecting elementary and junior high schools etc. in Gunma Prefecture and this Faculty & Graduate School of Education. For this purpose the Center has three departments.

The 'Clinical Psychology of Education' department concentrates on contemporary problems such as bullying and truancy. The 'Multicutural Education' department analyses various school problems by enrolling students of different mother tongues. The 'Education Practice Development' department develops improvement lesson methods in school environments and also the practice of new contents in the curriculum, such as comprehensive study and environmental education.

Since the Center concentrates on clinical and practical research, it is also in charge of the courses for undergraduate and graduate students, pre-instruction and post-instruction of teaching internship etc. Moreover, it also organizes “Friendship Project” to create new educational practices with the board of education, elementary schools or junior high schools, utilizing audio-visual equipment, collecting education practice data, holding public symposiums and so on.

Academic Staff


Affiliated Schools

Kindergarten, Elementary School, Junior High School, School for Handicapped Children,