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Social Studies Education

Education and Study

We have eleven research labs, and students can attend lectures, seminars and hands-on courses at each major area of History, Geography, Jurisprudence, Economy, Sociology, Ethics and Social Study Education. Here students can study a wide range of basic social knowledge needed for the field of expertise and, at the same time, can enhance their quality as Social Study teachers. Each student belongs to either one of these research labs and, in their senior year, research becomes more specific as students commence thesis research.

Academic Staff

IMAI Narumi
History of Relation between Japan and China
Introduction to Chinese History
History of Japan
Topics in occidentale history
Introduction to historical methodology
Human Geography
Practical Methods in Geographical Research
AOYAMA Masafumi
Physical Geography
An Introduction to Sociology
Lectures on Present-day Society
SAITO Madoka
Social Law
Constitutional Law
Teaching Methodology of Elementary Social Studies
Teaching Methodology of Secondary Social Studies

Master's Theses

  • The History of Relation between Japan and China in Ming Period
  • The Education System in Sung Dynasty
  • Sustainable Tourism and Regional Development in Yaku-shima Island
  • Concept of Health in Friedrich Nietzsche' Thought
  • A Theory of Family from the Viewpoint of Children
  • On the Reproduction of Gender in School
  • Relationship between Husband and Wife Having Gender Role
  • Human Rights Education and the Rights of Children
  • Modern Japanese Public Finance and Public Debt
  • A Peace Education and War Expenditure, War Industries
  • A Study on the Kyodo Karuta from the Viewpoint of Social Studies Education
  • A Study on the Pupils’ Spatial Cognition to Japan
  • A Study on the Simulation Games in the Geographical Education
  • A Research on the Social Studies Education Plan in the Early Era after World War II: A Study on the Practice in Gunma Prefecture