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Education and Studies

Our mission is to produce professional school teachers. General education is widely provided with the curriculum. The curriculum composed of two basic courses; academic studies of each major and teacher training. The former includes subjects such as Japanese, arithmetic and mathematics, science and so on. The aim of the course is to help students specialize in a specific academic field. The latter includes such subjects as education, education psychology, handicapped children education, teaching methodologies and so on. The course provides students opportunities to consider education and understand human relationships and environments in depth. Students are expected to develop these theoretical studies, and use them.

It is crucial for teacher training course to provide teaching practice time. Therefore, we have a unique and distinctive curriculum. Students from freshmen to seniors actually go to schools. In particular, the teaching internship of junior students is emphasized in the curriculum. They practice teaching at both affiliated schools and public schools. This brings students to have various perspectives about schools and education. Students continue studying to be professional teachers autonomously after their teaching internship.

We attempt to combine our academic courses and practices in schools. In other words we organize the Faculty and schools circulatory curriculum to realize our mission.