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Natural and Information Sciences

The Language and Social Science field consists of three departments, Japanese Education, Social Studies Education and English Education. As human beings, we grow up, think, and express ourselves in the culture and society surrounding us. When we meet with people from other societies, we begin a process of exchange as we are introduced to new cultures and societies. In this field, students research cultures and societies from many directions. Studying the present, 'This Time' at 'This Place', as well as the 'Past', can lead us to the secure vision toward the future. In addition, studying various cultures and societies in Japan and overseas, provide us with a deeper understanding and opportunity to create a better world.

  • Mathematics Education
  • Science Education
  • Technology Education

Academic Staff

Quantum Mechanics
Quantum Information
Organic Chemistry
Coordination Chemistry
Plant Physiology
Cell Biology
KOIKE Keiichi
Cell Biology
Geology of American National Parks
IWASAKI Hiroyuki
Introduction to Mineralogy
Science of Minerals
Astronomy Science Education
MASUDA Hiromitsu
Science Education

Master's Theses

  • Dependence of the core-level XPS Spectra on the Thickness in Sm Thin Films on Fe
  • Temperature dependence of the core-level photoemission spectra in MnP
  • Dependence of the core-leveld XPS Spectra on the Thickness in Tb Thin Films on Fe
  • Concepts of Magnetic Force among Elementary School Pupils
  • Solution Structure of Binary Liquid Mixtures including Acetic Acid through Kirkwood-Buff Integrals and Their Related Parameters
  • Study on developmental learning for oxidation- reduction reaction in living organism
  • Development of high-performance sensor using biomaterial
  • Formation process of reinforcement substances for the egg capsule of Neritidae(Mollusca, Gastropoda, Neritopsina)
  • Reproductive cycle of large Japanese field mouse Apodemus speciosus in Gunma Insect World
  • Histological analysis of changes in mannan cells of Amorphophallus konjac corms during growth
  • Primary factor of dragonfly fauna in Niisato Village, Gunma Prefecture
  • Interrelationship between the larvae of Pyrocoelia fumosa Gorham and their predators
  • Mineralogical study of ore deposits in Gunma, from the viewpoint of science education
  • Mineralogical study on serpentinite melange in Kawaba-mura, Gunma, Japan
  • A volcano teaching program for junior high schools
  • The break in Mongolian rainy season and the relation with the stationary Rossby wave along the Asian jet
  • Observational Study of the W UMa-Type Eclipsing Binary AA UMa
  • Study of Period Changes in W UMa-Type Binaries through Their Light Variation