The short

    We would like to think about a collaborative creation based on individual or common ideas and the process of creative thinking that were raised by Byo-bu.

    Byo-bu workshop aims increase understanding through experience the style of a traditional Japanese art. The idea is to develop growing "images" from the impressions gotten from the paintings on the "Byo-bu (Folding screen)", and then to re-create with the others a "New story" coming from these "images".

    The participation method of Byo-bu Workshop

    We dicided it to carry out a Byo-bu workshop for pupils in an elementary school in the suburbs of UC Berkeley, on 15:00-17:00, October 27.
    The participants will visit the appearance to which children do the workshop.
    And, after observing a workshop, the participants will leave some opinions, impressions etc... about the Workshop.

    Because of inconvenient for the place and the holding time, it is difficult to have the discussion about workshop in this time.

    If you could agree with this WS's contents , please apply along the
    application form as following.

    The last call for participation

    We welcome participation from all academic and artistic disciplines. Artists, performers, designers, engineers, academics, and practitioners are all encouraged to apply. Please make an entry and send e-mail us the following information:

      • Name*
      • Occupation* (exampl:Professor, Faculty of Education, University of California )
      • Addresss
      • Telephone & FAX No
      • Email*
      • Motive of the participation(Why did you intend to participate in this WS? What is your interest?)
      • Please make entry * marks by all means.

    The Last Call

    Application Deadline : 10th Oct 2009
    Notifications Announced :12th Oct 2009

    Workshop: 27th October 2009 15:00-17:00

    Place**: The elementary school in the suburbs of UC Berkeley

    **Details are announced later.

    The organizers

    • Kazuzi Mogi / University of Gunma,JAPAN
    • Chihiro Tetsuka /PhD Student of The Joint Graduate School of Education Hyogo University of Teacher Education,, JAPAN
    • Yoshiro Miyata / Chukyo University, JAPAN
    • Nobuyuki Ueda / Doshisya Women's College of Liberal Arts, JAPAN
    • Yasushi Harada / Chiba Industry University, JAPAN
    • Tomoyuki sowa / Kobe Design University, JAPAN
    • Keiko Onishi / SODA Design Research, JAPAN
    • Masaki Inoue / MA Student of The Graduate School of Educationion Gunma University, JAPAN